Message from the President

It is indeed an honor to receive the enthusiastic endorsement from delegates of the General Assembly at the 38th World Congress of IUPS in Rio de Janeiro to become the President of IUPS for 2017-2021. I feel particularly privileged to be able to work with a stellate group of physiologists on the Executive Committee and Council to provide service to the global physiological community that befits our motto, “Physiology without borders”.

My first order of business as the IUPS President is to extend our warmest congratulations to the Local Organizing Committee, under the leadership of Vagner Antunes and Benedito Machado, on the success of the 38th World Congress of IUPS in Rio de Janeiro. We are delighted to note that this Congress has provided a multitude of platforms for the global physiologists to present, learn and discuss cutting-edge science and education in physiology. The high-quality scientific programs of the Congress were exemplified by the thought-provoking opening and closing Plenary Lectures delivered by two Noble Laureates, Ada Yonath and Roger Kornberg; the cutting-edge Keynote Lectures and the state-of-the-art symposium presentations. We were very much intrigued by the scientific exchanges and interactions generated during the poster presentations. In particular, we were very pleased to witness the enthusiasm from our young generation and those physiologists from the developing countries when they presented their work at the Congress. All these would not have been achieved without the dedication of the Local Organizing Committee, the support from the Brazilian Society of Physiology, and the contribution of the many staff who worked unfailingly behind the scene. We are also indebted to the American Physiological Society, the Physiological Society and the Scandinavian Physiological Society for their partnership with the organization of the Congress. Last but not least, we are deeply indebted to the participants from around the globe without them this Congress would not have materialized.

My second order of business is to express our gratitude to the Board of General Assembly, in particular Jayasree Sengupta (Chair) and Susan Barman (Vice-Chair), for the timely publication of the BGA Report of Physiology- Current Status and Future Challenges. I also acknowledge the contributions of the 26 member societies whose responses to the questionnaires formed the basis of the narratives. This Report, which was received enthusiastically at the 38th IUPS Congress, is now posted on the IUPS website. I invite the global physiological community to provide feedbacks on any aspect of this Report, especially on means to implement the Recommendations to IUPS.

On behalf of the Union, I extend a warm welcome to the Physiology Society of Sri Lanka as the newest Adhering Body of IUPS. It is vitally important for the growth of IUPS as a global body to have new members from all corners of the world.

For some time now, under the leadership of our former President, Denis Noble, IUPS has been pursuing the mission to "return physiology to center stage". With your support, I pledge to continue to move this mission forward because I am a true believer that despite the mountains of molecular data, the ultimate existence of humankind roots in its functional expression that we call physiology. I look forward to working with you in the next four years and welcome your inputs towards this goal.

Julie Chan

September, 2017

Report on IUPS ‘Hands On’ Workshop on Medical Teaching Methodologies at SMIMS-SMU

Nov. 18, 2019

The ICMR Tri-Series Workshop on Workshop Series on Physiology Education Techniques 2018: IUPS Initiative held in three academic institutions – All India Institute of Medical Sciences Jodhpur (Rajasthan), North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health & Medical Sciences Shillong (Meghalaya), and Government Medical College Kozhikode (Kerala) in India in 2018 concluded on November 17, 2018. A follow-up Brainstorming Meeting was held at AIIMS, New Delhi on January 20, 2019 attended by members of the Core Committee and by six delegates who had participated in the Workshops held in 2018. The Report of the Brainstorming Meeting is available in the IUPS website

As a follow-up activity in teaching-learning exercises in a medical school, Dr. Rubi Dey, faculty member of the Department of Physiology, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences (SMIMS), Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) organized hosting a ‘Hands On’ Workshop on Medical Teaching Methodologies in Gangtok, Sikkim during 5th to 7th November 2019. Dr. Dey had been a delegate at the NIGRIHMS Workshop held in Shillong, Meghalaya during 10th to 12th November 2018 and a participant of the Brainstorming Meeting in AIIMS, New Delhi.

Read the Report HERE

Report on Russian Conference on Integrative Physiology

Nov. 3, 2019

It is again with great pleasure, in my capacity as the President of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS), to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Professor Ludmila Filaretova, who together with her staff at the Pavlov Institute of Physiology, Russian Academy of Sciences, has made the Russian Conference on “Integrative Physiology” held in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg a memorial experience for all participants. I would also extend my personal gratitude to Professor Jayasree Sengupta, Chairperson of the Board of the General Assembly (BGA) of IUPS and Former Professor and Head, Department of Physiology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India, for her incredible efforts in preparing this outstanding Report.

This Conference is dedicated to the 170 Anniversary of the birth of Academician Ivan P. Pavlov, the first physiologist awarded with Nobel Prize and the first laureate from Russia for his work in integrated and systems physiology. Over the past decades, talented scientists from the Pavlov Institute of Physiology continued to devote their research efforts on integrative physiology that contributed significantly to strengthening physiology as the basis for medicine. It is therefore most fitting that the Russian Conference on “Integrative Physiology” is hosted by this Institute.

IUPS is a collective of societies from the global physiological community. As denoted by our motto “Physiology without borders”, the mission of IUPS is to foster the study of physiology worldwide. I am therefore most appreciative that physiologists from around the globe have accepted the invitation to join their Russian colleagues to brainstorm on the future of “Integrative Physiology”. Human life in its fullest form represents a well-coordinated operational framework that integrates every level of functional execution, one that links genes, proteins, cells and organs to the whole body, a process we call physiology. My personal view is that this collective wisdom was amply represented by the contents of the lectures in this Conference.

Julie Y.H. Chan
President, IUPS

Read the report HERE

Report of IUPS-BRICS Symposium

Nov. 3, 2019

It is indeed with great pleasure, in my capacity as the President of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS), to offer two thoughts in conjunction with the Report on the IUPS-BRICS Symposium on Stress held on September 23, 2019 at the Pavlov Institute of Physiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

My first thought is to offer Professor Ludmila Filaretova, Director of the Pavlov Institute of Physiology, my heartfelt congratulations for putting together a comprehensive program that included lectures on many aspects of stress to set the foundation for discussion on research collaborations in the BRICS project. I would also extend my personal gratitude to Professor Jayasree Sengupta, Chairperson of the Board of the General Assembly (BGA) of IUPS and Former Professor and Head, Department of Physiology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India for her remarkable efforts to put together this superb Report.

My second thought is how wonderful it is that the idea of BRICS research collaboration initiated by Ludmila and Jay in March, 2018, and endorsed by the BGA, in January this year, has now taken a big step towards its organization. This Symposium is indeed a historic IUPS event in which scientists from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) had the opportunity to gather at the Pavlov Institute of Physiology in Russia to forge a research network towards understanding the integrative physiology of stress. In particular, I am most appreciative that, as an IUPS initiative, the BRICS Symposium is in line with one of the 7 recommendations for furtherance of physiological sciences in a global manner in the BGA Report on Physiology - Current Status and Future Challenges (2017).

My sincere wish that the successful conclusion of the IUPS-BRICS Symposium marks the beginning of a new chapter towards realizing the ultimate goal of this newly established collaborative research networks.

Julie Y.H. Chan

President, IUPS

Read the report HERE

A Tribute to Ewald Weibel

May 12, 2019

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Professor Ewald Weibel on February 19, 2019. Ewald was the leading lung morphologist of his generation, a key figure in the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) at a crucial time in its history and, as President of IUPS, a strong proponent of the Physiome Project. The three of us, who have all worked with Ewald in at least one of these three aspects of his life, have very fond memories of this outstanding scholar and remarkable man.

Click here to read the rest of the tribute in Physiology.

1st Call for Plenary and Keynote Speakers

April 1, 2019

39th Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS)

Marvels of Life – Integration and Translation

Beijing, China August 20-24, 2021


April 1, 2019

Dear Physiologists,

We are pleased to announce that the 39th Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences, IUPS-2021 will be held in Beijing, China, at the China National Convention Center from August 20 to 24, 2021, hosted by The Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences (CAPS).

With the congress theme “Marvels of Life – Integration and Translation”, IUPS-2021 will provide a perfect opportunity for physiologists from around the world to gather and share latest discoveries in all fields of modern physiology. A great opportunity, not only to understand integration of physiological principles in the science of life and how they can be translated into techniques and tools to improve health outcomes but also to visit an exciting country and –especially for the young scientists - to create and extend scientific networks.

We invite you and your colleagues to nominate speakers for the Plenary and Keynote Lectures at the Congress covering hot spots of physiological research. Nominations are accepted at the Congress Website ( in the period from April 1, 2019 to August 10, 2019. All nominations will be duly considered by the International Scientific Program Committee (ISPC, see list of members below). Announcement of the selected Plenary Speakers and Keynotes Speakers will be made before the end of 2019.

Queries related to the preparation and submission of nominations can be directed to Ying-Shing Chan ( or Ulrich Pohl (, Co-Chairs of the ISPC of the IUPS-2021 Congress.

For your information, the call for proposals for Symposia and Workshops will be issued in the second half of 2019.

Sincerely yours,

Ying-Shing Chan & Ulrich Pohl

Co-Chair, ISPC of the IUPS-2021 Congress


Ethics Committee Seeks New Members

April 3, 2019

The International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) has the responsibility to advocate and champion key issues which are of global impact and contribution. Animal ethics is one of those issues worthy of furtherance.

The Ethics Committee of IUPS plays an active role in creating an awareness of ethical use of animals in training and research in physiological sciences'.

Additionally it would like to address problems that biomedical researchers face at the hands of groups who do not advocate the use of animals in spite of their institutes, laboratories and animal facilities being governed by strictly enforced guidelines

The Ethics Committee is seeking committee members to serve through the IUPS-2021 Congress. Terms of Reference are available upon request. Please contact Ashima Anand ( for more details or to apply.

Reports on the ICMR Workshop Series on Physiology Education Techniques 2018: IUPS Initiative

Feb. 7, 2019

Initial report on the ICMR Workshop Series on Physiology Education Techniques 2018: IUPS Initiative. 


Below is the report of the Brainstorming Follow-up Meeting of ICMR Workshop Series on Physiology Education Techniques 2018: IUPS Initiative that was held in AIIMS on January 20, 2019.


IUPS Travel Award for the 2019 PanAm Congress

Jan. 28, 2019

The International Union of Physiological Societies (IUPS) has allocated funds to support participation in the 2019 Pan-American Congress. Individual travel awards of $500.00 are available to support scientists based in Latin American countries members of IUPS that are attending and presenting in one of the approved sessions of the 2019 PANAM Congress for Physiological Sciences scheduled for May 27th – June 3rd in Havana, Cuba.  More information on the Congress can be found at

The award funds will be reimbursed after the Pan-Am Congress. You will need to submit receipts providing evidence that you have attended the Congress. It is anticipated that you will need to send copies of your registration, airline, and hotel receipts. In addition, you will be asked to complete a survey designed to assess the benefits of IUPS support for your participation in the Congress. The survey link and reimbursement form will be distributed to you in advance of the Congress.  Deadline for submission of applications is March 15, 2019. Funding decisions will be made by April 15, 2019.


Jan. 8, 2019

We have received several reports of "whaling" emails baring the signature of IUPS President Julie Chan. The emails request some amount of money to assist with the logistics of the 2019 FAOPS Congress in March. These emails are 100% FALSE.

Whaling is a type of scam aimed at persuading an employee to transfer money or send sensitive information to a hacker acting as a trusted source via email. Whaling is extremely easy to fall for and can result in significant financial losses. These e-mails can be difficult to catch because they appear to be harmless, and have a normal, friendly tone and no links or attachments. They will appear to come from a high-level official at the company, typically the CEO or CFO, and often ask you to disclose sensitive information or initiate a wire transfer.

If you have any questions about the legitimacy of any emails having to do with IUPS business, please contact IUPS Manager Steven Webster ASAP.



An Obituary - Professor Masao Ito

Dec. 18, 2018

It is with deep regret that we have to report that Professor Masao Ito, IUPS President (1994-1997) and former Professor and Dean at The University of Tokyo, and Director General of the Frontier Research Program, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), passed away on December 18, 2018. In addition to his seminal contributions to the concept of the cerebellum as a learning machine, Professor Ito championed global collaboration amongst physiologists as a core value for IUPS. He will be remembered as a scholar and a much loved colleague in physiology. Our sincere condolences to his family during this difficult time.

SAAP-VI Pre-conference Physiology Teaching Workshop

Nov. 19, 2018

For the last 10 years, SAAP has maintained a history of organizing regular biennial conferences along with Pre-conference workshops. Therefore, a comprehensive physiology teaching workshop with the theme of “Enhancing Physiology Teaching and Learning for better Healthcare Professionals” to be held on 12th Dec 2018 at University of Lahore has been designed under the umbrella of SAAP and in collaboration with IUPS to benefit all physiology educationists and researchers and to enhance the quality of physiology pedagogy in South Asia. This workshop will bring together the views and work of notable experts of different background both from South Asia and beyond. It will be an excellent opportunity for the exchange of information and ideas in the field of physiology and allied Sciences. This rich scientific program will also promote corporation in all matters of physiology education and research and consequently a good number of physiology educationists and researchers will benefit."

Dr Muhammad Adnan Kanpurwala


SAAP VI Pre-Conference Teaching Workshop


Rob Carroll Receives AOA Distinguished Teaching Award

Nov. 6, 2018

Congratulations to IUPS Education Committee Chair Rob Carroll for receiving the Alpha Omega Alpha Distinguished Teaching Award!


Oct. 31, 2018





The Scientific Communication Cathedra, The Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation, The Central Laboratory of Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis (LABCEL), The Faculty of Medical Sciences “Miguel Enríquez” of the Havana Medical Sciences University, with the Cuban Society of Physiological Sciences and the Cuban Society of Immunology, invite you to the eighth edition of the “Heinrich Quincke Research Scholarship”.

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Central Dogma or Central Debate?

June 13, 2018

Denis Noble's latest article in pursuing the IUPS's mission of returning physiology to the center stage.

Physiology Education Workshop 2018: IUPS Initiative

May 21, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the “Physiology Education Workshop 2018: IUPS Initiative” will be held in the form of a series of workshops in three Institutions in three parts of India: AIIMS Jodhpur (3-5 November 2018), NEIGRIHMS Shillong (10-12 November 2018) and GMC Kozhikode (15-17 November 2018). It has been conceived with a vision to promote exchange of knowledge about alternative practices in physiology teaching and learning.

The workshop will provide interactive ‘hands-on’ training on innovative tools like Problem Based Learning (PBL), Case Based Learning (CBL) and Flipped Classroom (FCR) for physiology education to selected participant faculty members from all over India. Scientific sessions by renowned international and national faculty will be an added feature. The primary aim of the workshop is to create awareness about those innovative tools in physiology education. The long-term goal is the creation and expansion of a national network of physiologists dedicated to the advancement of physiological sciences.

For the details of the Workshop, please visit:

Precision Medicine: The case for a new way forward

Feb. 5, 2018

WATCH NOW Former IUPS President Denis Noble delivers his talk "Precision Medicine: The case for a new way forward" at the Summit on Controversies on Precision Medicine in Berlin, Germany.

BGA Report: Physology--Current Trends and Future Challenges

July 24, 2017

The IUPS Board of the General Assembly (BGA), led by Chair Jayasree Sengupta and Vice-Chair Sue Barman, has released their report on the status of Physiology world-wide: Physiology: Current Trends and Future ChallengesThe report was produced in collaboration with The Physiological Society

A panel discussion to reflect on the report will be held at 2pm at the Riocentro Convention Center, Room 207 - PAX 200, immediately before the 2017 IUPS Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The panel discussion will be chaired by IUPS President Denis Noble, with represntatives from almost every continent. 

Amendments to IUPS Constitution and By-Laws Ratified

Dec. 6, 2016

The General Assembly (GA) of the IUPS has ratified the proposed amendments to the IUPS Constitution and By-Laws, with 50 votes in favor versus 0 against as of the close of voting on December 6, 2016. A total of 76 GA members were eligible to cast ballots, 50% of which constitutes a quorum (i.e., 38 votes), with two-thirds required for ratification. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all eligible voters cast a positive vote.

In anticipation of the passage of the new Constitution, the IUPS Nominations Committee has already begun considering nominees to fill the new Council positions. It will release the names of the nominees as soon as the entire slate of nominees has agreed to serve.