Board of the General Assembly 2017-2021

The Board of the General Assembly (BGA) is a part of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS), responsible to the IUPS General Assembly (GA) and its Executive Council, and operates under the auspices of the IUPS Constitution and Bylaws.

    The BGA was established for the following three purposes:

  1. To increase and expand the ability of the GA to play continuing, active roles in the management and operation of IUPS during the periods between the quadrennial full meetings of the GA that take place at IUPS Congresses.
  2. To contribute to increased and wider participation in organizational direction and policy- making through a reasonable balance in its membership between representatives of both the larger and smaller participating societies in IUPS and between representatives from the different regions of the world.
  3. To have rights and responsibilities with respect to several areas of IUPS activity as specified.

The BGA is required by the IUPS Constitution to "develop and present to each full meeting of the GA a written assessment of the current status of the field of physiology world-wide, emphasizing major challenges, opportunities, and problems." The first BGA report is available HERE




India - Indian National Science Academy
Chair - Board of the General Assembly
Jayasree Sengupta
Reproductive physiology, implantation

US - American Physiological Society
Vice-Chair - Board of the General Assembly
Sue Barman

Bulgaria - Bulgarian Society of Physiological Science
Nina Belova
Hypertension, hormonal and autonomic control of renal and cardiovascular systems

New Zealand - The Royal Society of New Zealand
Colin Brown
Research interests

Russia - Russian Academy of Sciences
Ludmila Buravkova

Hungary - Hungarian Physiological Society
László Csernoch
Calcium signaling, Excitation-contraction coupling

Australia - Australian Academy of Science
Lea Delbridge

Cuba - Cuban Society of Physiological Sciences
Alberto Juan Dorta Contreras

Nigeria - Nigerian Physiological Society
Simiat Elias

South Africa - National Research Foundation
M. Faadiel Essop

UK - The Physiological Society
Federico Formenti

Korea - The Korean Physiological Society
Chae Hun Leem

Finland - Finnish Physiological Society
Liisa Peltonen
Comparative physiology, physiology teaching

Brazil - Brazilian Society of Physiology
Maria José Alves da Rocha

China - Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences
Yun Wang

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