Council 2017-2021

The Council is the legal representative of the Union and acts as its administrative body between meetings of the General Assembly. Semi-annually, Council meets with the Executive Committee by teleconference.

Commission I - Locomotion
Heikki Kainulainen

Commission II - Circulation & Respiration
Alicia Mattiazzi

Commission III - Endocrine, Reproduction & Development
Ludmila Filaretova

Commission IV - Neurobiology
Katsuhiko Mikoshiba
Calcium signalling, the IP3 receptor

Commission V - Secretion & Absorption
René Bindels

Commission VI—Molecular and Cellular
Yoshihiro Kubo

Commission VII—Comparative: Evolution, Adaptation and Environment
Tobias Wang
Zoology, animal cardiopulmonary physiology

Commission VIII—Genomics and Biodiversity
Yang-Sook Chun

Ethics Committee
Ashima Anand

Education Committee
Robert Carroll

Physiome Committee
Andrew McCulloch

Regional Representative—North/South America
Vagner Antunes

Regional Representative—Europe/Africa
Markus Hecker

Regional Representative—Asia/Oceana
Xiaomin Wang

Regional Representative—At Large
Olusoga "Soga" Sofola

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