General Assembly 2013-2017

The General Assembly is the deliberative body of the Union. It meets in person every four years, before the IUPS Congress, and it is available for special votes between formal sessions. The following is the roster for the 2017 meeting of the General Assembly, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 1, 2017.

Australia - Australian Physiological Society
Nir Eynon

Matthew Watt

Austria - Austrian Physiological Society
Nandu Goswami

Brazil - Brazilian Society of Physiology
Vagner Antunes

Maria José Campagnole-Santos

Bulgaria - Bulgarian Society of Physiological Science
Liliya Vitanova

Canada - Canadian Physiological Society
Catherine Chan

Doug Jones

Gregory Funk

Penny Moody-Corbett

China - Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences
Ying-Shing Chan

Yun Wang

Junxia Xie

Shiqiang Wang

China - CAPS - Taipei, Academy of Sciences
Mei-Ling Tsai

Cuba - Cuban Society of Physiological Sciences
Alberto Juan Dorta Contreras

Finland - Finnish Physiological Society
Liisa Peltonen

Heikki Kainulainen

Japan - Science Council of Japan
Yoshihiro Ishikawa

Noriyuki Koibuchi

Yoshihiro Kubo

Satoshi Matsuoka

Yuko Sekino

New Zealand - The Royal Society of New Zealand
Colin Brown

Paul Donaldson

UK - The Physiological Society
Deborah Baines

Sue Deuchars

David Eisner

Anne King

Mike Ludwig

Bridget Lumb

US - American Physiological Society
Sue Barman

Dennis Brown

Patricia Molina

Harold D Schultz

Bill Yates

Irving Zucker

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