Adhering Bodies

An Adhering Body is the official organization representing the physiological scientists of a country or territory and paying yearly dues. This type of society has voting delegates at the General Assembly. It may either be a national organization, such as an academy, or a country's physiological society, whichever pays the dues. The following is a list of current Adhering Bodies of the IUPS:

Argentina - Sociedad Argentina de Fisiologica

Australia - Australian Academy of Science

Austria - Austrian Physiological Society

Belarus - The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Belgium - The Royal Academies for Science and the Arts of Belgium

Brazil - Brazilian Society of Physiology

Bulgaria - Bulgarian Society of Physiological Science

Canada - National Research Council of Canada

Chile - Chilean Society of Physiological Sciences

China - CAPS - Taipei, Academy of Sciences

China - Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences

Cuba - Cuban Society of Physiological Sciences

Czech Republic - Czech Physiological Society

Denmark - Royal Danish Academy of Sciences

Finland - Finnish Physiological Society

France - Comité Français des Unions Scientifiques

Germany - Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft

Greece - Hellenic Society of Physiology

Hungary - Hungarian Physiological Society

India - Indian National Science Academy

Iran - Iranian Society of Physiology & Pharmacology

Israel - The Israel Academy of Sciences & Humanities

Italy - Italian Society of Physiology

Japan - Science Council of Japan

Korea - The Korean Physiological Society

Mexico - Sociedad Mexicana de Ciencias Fisiológicas

New Zealand - The Royal Society of New Zealand

Nigeria - Nigerian Physiological Society

Norway - Norwegian Academy of Science & Letters

Pakistan - Pakistan Physiology Society

Poland - Polish Academy of Sciences

Romania - Romanian Society of Physiological Sciences

Russia - Russian Academy of Sciences

Serbia - Serbian Physiological Society

Slovakia - Slovak Physiological Society

Slovenia - Slovenian Physiological Society

South Africa - National Research Foundation

Spain - Sociedad Espanola de Ciencias Fisiologicas

Sri Lanka - Physiology Society of Sri Lanka

Sweden - Swedish National Committee on Physiology

Switzerland - Swiss Academy of Sciences

Turkey - Turkish Society of Physiology

Ukraine - Ukraine Physiological Society

UK - The Physiological Society

US - American Physiological Society