Call for Nominations for Commission Chairs

July 29, 2014

The International Union of Physiological Sciences is soliciting member organizations for candidates for chairs of three IUPS commissions:

·         Commission I – Locomotion

·         Commission III – Endocrine, Reproduction and Development

·         Commission IV – Neurobiology

One of the major tasks of Commissions is to help develop the program for IUPS Congresses, the next one of which is scheduled for 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We also encourage Commissions to organize or promote other events during non-Congress years, and allocate a small budget for this purpose from IUPS funds.

Commission chairs are able to select members of their respective commissions. Members serve a four year term, renewable for a second four years.

More information about the Commissions can be found on the IUPS website at http://iups.org/about-us/commissions/. Please forward any nominations to the IUPS Manager, Steven Webster, at Steven.Webster@case.edu