IUPS Council Nominees Announced

May 1, 2017

The IUPS Nominations Committee is pleased to announce the following slate of nominees to serve on the IUPS Executive Committee and Council for the 2017-2021 term:

Executive Committee

President: Julie Chan, Taiwan

1st Vice President: Susan Wray, United Kingdom

2nd Vice President: Peter Hunter, New Zealand

Secretary-General: Ulrich Pohl, Germany

Treasurer: Patricia Molina, United States



Commission I—Locomotion: Heikki Kainulainen, Finland

Commission II—Circulation and Respiration: Alicia Mattiazzi, Argentina

Commission III—Endocrine, Reproduction, and Development: Ludmila Filaretova, Russia

Commission IV—Neurobiology: Katsuhiko Mikoshiba, Japan

Commission V—Secretion and Adsorption: Rene Bindles, Netherlands

Commission VI—Molecular and Cellular: Yoshihiro Kubo, Japan

Commission VII—Comparative: Evolution, Adaptation and Environment: Tobias Wang, Denmark

Commission VIII—Genomics and Biodiversity: Yang-Sook Chun, Korea

Ethics Committee: Ashima Anand, India

Education Committee: Rob Carroll, United States

Physiome Committee: Andrew McCulloch, USA

Regional Rep—North/South America: Sergio Ferreira, Brazil

Regional Rep—Europe/Africa: Markus Hecker, Germany

Regional Rep—Asia/Oceana: Xiaomin Wang, China

Regional Rep—At Large: Olusoga Sofola, Nigeria

The IUPS General Assembly will vote on the slate of candidates at the GA meeting on August 1 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, immediately preceding the IUPS Congress. Member societies may nominate additional candidates for council positions. Any additional nominations must be approved by a 1/3 vote of the GA. Additional nominations must be submitted to the IUPS Manager (steven.webster@case.edu) by June 1, 2017.

Walter F. Boron,

Secretary-General, IUPS

Chair, Nominations Committee