PRESS RELEASE: International Physiologists Release Report Detailing a Path Forward for Physiology

Aug. 14, 2017


August 14, 2017


International Physiologists Release Report Detailing a Path Forward for Physiology


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (August xx, 2017)—The International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) presented the new report “Physiology: Current Trends and Future Challenges” to delegates attending its World Congress, which was held August 1–5, 2017, in Rio de Janeiro. The landmark report outlines seven recommendations to help physiologists and professional scientific societies grow and support physiology amid domestic and international funding shortages; changes to the way physiologists learn, practice, and collaborate; and shifting public support for science.


In addition to the recommendations, the report discusses nation-based strategies for improving local landscapes for physiologists and highlights major global achievements in physiology. Also included are eight essays penned by leading researchers reflecting the progress, status, and challenges in the physiological sciences worldwide.


The report was received with praise from an enthusiastic and engaged audience at the World Congress who challenged physiologists across the globe to communicate with a broad group of scientists, build multidisciplinary and multiregional collaborations, and bring integrative physiology to the forefront in research and education.


“Physiology is a foundational science that underlies many of the medical advances of today and the potential cures of tomorrow,” said Denis Noble, past president of IUPS and emeritus professor of cardiovascular physiology at Oxford University. “Going forward, it is important that funding agencies, public and private, carefully consider what needs to be done to complement genomic studies with precise, quantitative physiological analysis of the regulatory processes that control the expression and interpretation of gene sequences to determine health and disease.”


The report and its companion essays have been published in collaboration with The Physiological Society. The Executive Summary is available on the IUPS website.


Contact information:

Denis Noble, Immediate Past-President, IUPS. Email: denis.noble@dpag.ox.ac.uk

Julie Chan, President, IUPS. Email: jchan@cgmh.org.tw

Jayasree Sengupta, Chair - Board of the General Assembly, IUPS. Email: jsen47@gmail.com

Susan Barman, Co-Chair - Board of the General Assembly, IUPS. Email: barman@msu.edu