Physoc MOOC Program

Sept. 15, 2017

At the recent IUPS meeting in Rio, the Board of the General Assembly (BGA) released a comprehensive report, PHYSIOLOGY: Current Trends and Future Challenges. This report included several recommendations designed to enhance the stature of physiology across the globe and to encourage an interest in studying physiology. One of the recommendations was that “Societies should implement outreach activities to raise awareness of and interest in physiology among the public, and encourage the uptake of physiology and related subjects by prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students.”

The Physiological Society recently collaborated with faculty of the University of Liverpool to produce a MOOC (“Massive Open Online Course”) that aims to help improve knowledge and awareness of physiology. The course targeted at those interested in an introductory biology course is structured at a level that could be valuable for even a broader section of the lay public interested in finding out more about the function of the body. The course is free and gives an overview of physiology of the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, and the nervous system. Each topic will be introduced by physiologists, following which there will be opportunity for self-directed learning including data gathering, analysis, and moderated peer discussion.

The Physiological Society has reached out to the BGA for the promotion of this course on the IUPS website. The BGA of the IUPS wishes to inform through its website all IUPS member societies of the MOOC programme through the following link...

We in the BGA hope that awareness of such a course will encourage the development of comparable initiatives by other IUPS members.  We also see this as a way to strengthen the relationships between IUPS and its member organisations.


J Sengupta                     Susan Barman

Chair - BGA                    Vice Chair - BGA

Registration for the MOOC can be found HERE