Oct. 31, 2018





The Scientific Communication Cathedra, The Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation, The Central Laboratory of Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis (LABCEL), The Faculty of Medical Sciences “Miguel Enríquez” of the Havana Medical Sciences University, with the Cuban Society of Physiological Sciences and the Cuban Society of Immunology, invite you to the eighth edition of the “Heinrich Quincke Research Scholarship”.

What is the Research Scholarship?

The course contains basic management of Neuroimmunological lab and it will combine with conferences offered by LABCEL researchers and other well-known specialists from the Havana Medical Sciences University, Latin America Medical School, and Havana University. It will teach a central research topic and the students, with the cooperation from LABCEL staff, could continue working at the lab with help from LABCEL researchers. The aim of this summer course is to involve a group of outstanding students in general scientific research related to cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) analysis. The course will be in Spanish, with translation into English during the conferences. The different teamwork combined by foreign and Cuban medical students can use English and/or Spanish.

Who can apply?

All the medical students from the Cuban universities that have been received some previous awards during student scientific meetings with desire to participate for one week during their summer holidays to work and study about scientific research in general and in particular in CSF. Also can be participate medical students from other part of the world including from the United States. Students from abroad can apply for a travel grant given by The American Physiology Society (APS) according with the International Opportunity Program Award (IOP) round 2. For more information, contact APS (http://www.the-aps.org/mm/awards/Other-APS-Awards/Early-Career-Professional#IOP).

What document(s) should be submitted to apply?

Interested students should send curriculum vitae that contains their scientific research publications and experiences. All the information will be received from the Cuban students and the foreign students that study in Cuba up to November 15th, 2018 to the General Coordinator: Dr. Alberto Juan Dorta-Contreras to the following email: adorta@infomed.sld.cu. Foreign students can send their information up to January 1st.

Foreign students, not resident in Cuba, should submit their curriculum vitae and a photocopy of their Passport with its identification and photo. In order to guarantee participation of the selected students they have to contact immediately upon selection the Cuban Embassy in their countries to fulfill all academic visa requirements.

The selected students will be informed on January 28th, 2019.

Do you have to pay?

The summer course is free of charge for Cuban students. The selected foreign students should pay 200 CUC (convertible Cuban pesos) on the first day of the course.

Foreign students (Cuban resident or not) can apply for a travel grant by APS IOP Award. How are the participants selected? The students will be selected by a rigorous procedure. The selection will be made taking into account the academic results of the students, if they have published papers or not, marc average and if the students usually participate in a research project or not. The same rules apply for the Cuban students as well. When is the course scheduled? The course will be held from 9 am to 1 pm. The summer course will be in two different groups: one for medical students and one for residents and PhD students. The dates will be:

  • July 29th to August 2nd 2019 for students
  • August 5th to August 9th for residents and PhD students

What is LABCEL?

LABCEL is a Scientific and Technological Unit among the Science and Technological Entities recognized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of the Republic of Cuba and belongs to the Miguel Enríquez Medical Faculty. In its twelve years, it has received more than 30 awards and prizes among the Cuban Academy of Sciences Award, the Annual Health Award (national, central and provincial levels) and also the Annual Immunology Award since the first edition.

Who was Heinrich Quincke?

Heinrich Quincke was a German physician who published the first paper about the study of cerebrospinal fluid from a diagnostic and therapeutic point of view and he was considered the pioneer in the study of this biological fluid.

Organizing Committee

  • Alberto Juan Dorta-Contreras. MSc, PhD, APS member
  • William Castillo González. MD. Instructor. APS member. LURAP Winner 2016.

More information by phone: (53) 7690-6851

Application Form

General information:

First name: ___________________________

Family name: ___________________________

Birthday date: ___________________________

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Medical Student YES___ NO___ Year_____ Resident YES___ NO___ If YES: Please Specify _______________

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Curriculum vitae

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