1st Call for Plenary and Keynote Speakers

April 1, 2019

39th Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS)

Marvels of Life – Integration and Translation

Beijing, China August 20-24, 2021


April 1, 2019

Dear Physiologists,

We are pleased to announce that the 39th Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences, IUPS-2021 will be held in Beijing, China, at the China National Convention Center from August 20 to 24, 2021, hosted by The Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences (CAPS).

With the congress theme “Marvels of Life – Integration and Translation”, IUPS-2021 will provide a perfect opportunity for physiologists from around the world to gather and share latest discoveries in all fields of modern physiology. A great opportunity, not only to understand integration of physiological principles in the science of life and how they can be translated into techniques and tools to improve health outcomes but also to visit an exciting country and –especially for the young scientists - to create and extend scientific networks.

We invite you and your colleagues to nominate speakers for the Plenary and Keynote Lectures at the Congress covering hot spots of physiological research. Nominations are accepted at the Congress Website (www.iups2021.com) in the period from April 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019. All nominations will be duly considered by the International Scientific Program Committee (ISPC, see list of members below). Announcement of the selected Plenary Speakers and Keynotes Speakers will be made before the end of 2019.

Queries related to the preparation and submission of nominations can be directed to Ying-Shing Chan (yschan@hku.hk) or Ulrich Pohl (upohl@lmu.de), Co-Chairs of the ISPC of the IUPS-2021 Congress.

For your information, the call for proposals for Symposia and Workshops will be issued in the second half of 2019.

Sincerely yours,

Ying-Shing Chan & Ulrich Pohl

Co-Chair, ISPC of the IUPS-2021 Congress


Include the following information in your proposal for a plenary or keynote speaker.

  1. Indicate whether your nomination is for:
  • a Plenary Speaker (  ) or
  • a Keynote Speaker (  ).
  1. Your contact details: Name & title, institution, telephone number, e-mail, and full postal address.
  2. Tentative title of the plenary/keynote talk.
  3. Contact details of the proposed speaker: Name & title, institution, and e-mail.
  4. Five citations (including abstracts as appearing in PubMed) of recent publications of the proposed speaker (limit to 1,500 characters with spaces).
  5. A short narrative explaining your scientific reasons for choosing the suggested topic and speaker. Please specifically address the following:

(a)  timeliness of the topic,

(b)  scientific contributions to the field by  the proposed speaker, and

(c)  explain why the candidate should be selected.

(limit to 2,000 characters with spaces)

  1. If applicable, state the possibility that the speaker might be sponsored or the speaker’s travel costs might be shared, defrayed from other sources (limit to 500 characters with spaces).




Representiatives of CAPS

Ying-Shing Chan (Co-Chair - China)

  1. Yun Wang
  2. Xiao-Min Wang
  3. Jia-Wei Zhou
  4. Jun-Fa Li
  5. Shi-Qiang Wang (Calcium Signaling)
  6. Yi Zhu (Cardiovascular System)
  7. Wei Kong (Circulation)
  8. Ming Fan (Comparative: Adaptation and Environment)
  9. Hai-Bin Wang (Endocrine and Reproduction)
  10. Wei-Zhen Zhang (Metabolism)
  11. Jian-Hong Luo (Molecular and Cellular Physiology)
  12. Jian-Jun Wang ( Motor System)
  13. Tian-Le Xu (Neurobiology)
  14. You-Fei Guan ( Renal System)
  15. Zi-Qiang Luo ( Respiratory System)

Representiatives of IUPS

Ulrich Pohl (Co-Chair – Germany)

  1. Julie Chan
  2. Susan Wray
  3. Peter Hunter
  4. Patricia Molina
  5. Heikki Kainulainen (Commission I – Locomotion)
  6. Alicia Mattiazzi (Commission II - Circulation and Respiration)
  7. Ludmila Filaretova (Commission III - Endocrine, Reproduction and Development)
  8. Katsuhiko Mikoshiba (Commission IV – Neurobiology)
  9. René Bindels (Commission V - Secretion and Absorption)
  10. Yoshihiro Kubo (Commission VI—Molecular and Cellular)
  11. Tobias Wang (Commission VII—Comparative: Evolution, Adaptation and Environment)
  12. Yang-Sook Chun (Commission VIII—Genomics and Biodiversity)
  13. Ashima Anand (Ethics Committee)
  14. Robert Carroll (Education Committee)
  15. Andrew McCulloch (Physiome Committee)

April 2019